Green Solutions Project

Green Solutions Water Quality Assessment for Los Angeles County – GIS Data and Mapping Support


Led by a local nonprofit organization and supported by a consortium of local and statewide government agencies, hospital the “Green Solutions” project first conducted a broad assessment of water quality needs across the very diverse Los Angeles County watersheds – from the highly urbanized LA Basin watersheds to the more rural and undeveloped upper watersheds. With the support of a leading engineering firm, order the team then examined public properties within the region to determine potential for implementing mutli-benefit stormwater treatment projects – projects that would, healing in addition to improving water quality, also provide needed open space, habitat, and recreation areas. Not only was the feasibility of such projects assessed, but the potential impacts implementation would have on the region’s water quality was also analyzed and quantified.


Served as lead on GIS data analysis and mapping tasks, including data acquisition and processing and overall design of GIS analysis protocols and methodology. Specific tasks included:

  • combining land use, hydrology, and parcel databases,
  • analyzing water quality needs at the subwatershed level,
  • working with the engineering team to assess “Green Solutions” opportunities at a parcel level, and
  • documenting study methods and results in a series of regional and local scale maps.


Regional maps of Los Angeles County water quality impairments and highest need subwatersheds.

Sample of designated opportunity parcels near the Los Angeles Harbor and overall watershed-level summary tabulations of acres of public properties potentially available for “Green Solutions” projects compared to water quality treatment needs.