Curriculum Vitae

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document.write(" 'new baskerville', sans-serif; font-weight: 500; padding: 0 0 0 0;">PhD Candidate in Environmental Science,  2016 (expected)
University of California at Santa Barbara, Bren School of Environmental Science & Management
Areas of Interest:  Hydrology, Ecohydrologic Modeling, Water Resource Management
Thesis:  Interacting effects of land management strategies and climate change on water resources in the semiarid Santa Fe Municipal Watershed
Advisor:  Dr. Christina Tague
Committee:  Dr. Frank Davis, Dr. Christopher Costello
Master of Science in Engineering, 1997
University of Texas at Austin, Department of Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering
Areas of Interest:  Environmental Engineering, Hydrology and Water Resources, Water Quality, Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Thesis:  “Linking GIS with the Hydrologic Modeling System:  An Investigation of the Midwest Flood of 1993”
Advisors:  Dr. David R. Maidment and Dr. Edward R. Holley
Bachelor of Science in Engineering, cum laude, 1996
Duke University, Department of Civil Engineering
Areas of Interest:  Environmental Engineering, Hydrology


Associate Scientist, 2014-current
National Center for Atmospheric Research - Boulder, Colorado (
Research scientist focused on hydrologic modeling, remote sensing applications in hydrology, and land cover change impacts on water systems.
Independent Consultant, 2008-2014
Santa Barbara, California (
Independent consultant specializing in GIS and hydrological modeling.
Associate Director and Senior Project Specialist, 2000-2008
GreenInfo Network - Los Angeles, California (
Associate Director and senior project specialist for a non-profit consulting organization focused on natural resource and social service planning projects. Leadership roles in project development and management, staff supervision, and geospatial systems design, as well as key competencies in:
     - Advanced geographic analysis and modeling
     - Watershed planning and hydrologic systems modeling
     - Database development and application
     - GIS system design and administration
     - GIS and related application training
     - Cartographic and visual design
GIS Specialist, 1999-2000
GreenInfo Network - San Francisco, California (
GIS Specialist focused on providing GIS and related information technology support for environmental and social service projects throughout California.
Staff Scientist, 1998-1999
Natural Heritage Institute – San Francisco, California (
Lead GIS analyst for the ecosystem restoration program, with projects including restoration planning for the California Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta (CALFED) and sustainable resource management of California’s Upper Sierra Nevada watersheds.
Research and Teaching Assistant, 1996-1997
Center for Research in Water Resources, University of Texas – Austin, Texas (
Major research accomplishments include development of a working surface water flood model by linking a GIS and hydrologic modeling software (HEC-HMS) as part of a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers flood management project. Teaching accomplishments include laboratory instruction and development of a comprehensive instructional/informational web site for fluid mechanics studies.


Los Angeles Integrated Regional Water Management Plan Update, 2011-2012
Provided GIS support for RMC Water and Environment and Geosyntec Consultants in their update of the water management plan for Los Angeles regional watersheds. Our work focused on identifying potential opportunities for integrating habitat, open space, water quality, and recharge planning, as well as potential benefits of implementation in each subregion.
Orange County Transportation Authority's Measure M2, 2010-2012
Working with Geosyntec Consultants, provided GIS support to OCTA's Environmental Cleanup Program, with a goal of identifying high priority areas for runoff treatment and mitigation opportunities to improve overall water quality from transportation-generated pollution.
Natural Resources Defense Council's "A Clear Blue Future", 2008-2009
Provided GIS support for NRDC's analysis of energy costs of water supply sources in California and potential for low impact development to aid local water management in municipalities in Southern California and the San Francisco Bay Area.
"Green Solutions" Water Quality Assessment for Los Angeles County, 2007-2010
Served as lead GIS advisor and analyst for a study examining urban runoff treatment needs throughout the diverse watersheds of Los Angeles County, as well as an assessment of potential opportunities for multi-use (park, recreation, habitat, or open space) water-quality treatment projects.
Ballona Wetlands Restoration Project, 2007-2009
Provided lead GIS support for the California Coastal Conservancy's development of a restoration plan and feasibility assessment for the Ballona Wetlands.
Los Angeles County-Wide Methodology For Prioritizing Structural BMP Implementation: Guidance for Strategic Storm Water Quality Project Planning, 2005-2006
Served as lead GIS advisor for the development of a GIS-based model for prioritizing structural best management practices for treating non-point source water quality impairments within Los Angeles County, in conjunction with local non-governmental organizations and the City and County of Los Angeles.
Arroyo Seco Watershed Management and Restoration Plan, 2004-2005
Provided primary GIS support throughout the development of the water quality and habitat management and restoration plan for a highly diverse, mixed urban and natural landscape watershed within Los Angeles County, led by a local non-governmental organization and in conjunction with the California State Water Resources Control Board.
Big Canyon Creek Restoration Project, 2003-2004
Acted as GIS technical lead for the development of the Historical Tidal Wetlands Conceptual Restoration Plan for the Big Canyon Creek portion of Upper Newport Bay in Orange County, California.
Irvine Foundation Sustainable Communities Program, 2001-2005
Managed a $200,000, multi-year grant from the Irvine Foundation’s Sustainable Communities Program to provide GIS and demographic mapping support to foundation programs and grantees, as well as conduct internal capacity building within GreenInfo Network’s Southern California social service support programs.
California Legacy Project, State of California Resources Agency, 2001-2002
Managed GreenInfo Network’s GIS support of the California Legacy Project – a statewide, multi-year initiative by the State of California to develop tools and mechanisms for coordination for public and private conservation efforts.


Dugger, A.L., C. Tague, C.D. Allen, T. Ringler (2011). How does forest thinning affect short- and long-term water partitioning in the semi-arid Santa Fe Municipal Watershed, and how do these changes compare to unmediated forest responses to climate change? Presentation at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, December 2011.
Dugger, A.L., C. Tague, E.Q. Margolis, C.D. Allen, T. Ringler (2011). Forest-hydrology interactions under a warmer climate: Effects of vegetation productivity dynamics and mortality on streamflow predictions in a semi-arid New Mexico mountain system. Presentation at the Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting, Austin, TX, August 2011.
Dugger, A.L., C. Tague, C.D. Allen, T. Ringler (2010). How Important is Vegetation Drought Stress Response when Predicting Streamflow within the Semi-Arid Santa Fe Municipal Watershed? Presentation at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, December 2010.
Tague, C., A. Dugger (2010). “Ecohydrology and Climate Change in the Mountains of the Western U.S. - A Review of Research and Opportunities,” Geography Compass, November 2010.
Dugger, A.L., C. Tague, C.D. Allen, T. Ringler (2009). “Interacting Effects of Land Management Strategies and Climate Change on the Ecohydrologic Systems of the Semi-Arid Santa Fe Municipal Watershed,” Presentations at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, December 2009 and MtnClim Biennial Conference, June 2010.
Susilo, K., A.L. Dugger (2007). “The Strategic BMP Prioritization Analysis Tool: Implementation of the Los Angeles County-Wide Structural BMP Prioritization Methodology,” Presentation at the Headwaters to Ocean (H2O) Annual Conference, October 2007.
Dugger, A.L. (2007). “Finding Green Solutions to Urban Water Pollution,” Presentation at the Society for Conservation GIS (SCGIS) Annual Conference, June 2007.
Dugger, A.L. (2006). “Building a Better Picture: The Next Generation of Protected Lands Data for California,” Presentation at the CalGIS Annual Conference, April 2006.
O’Connell, T., A.L. Dugger, N. Johnson, N. Richman (2004). “More Than Maps: GIS in Community Development,” Presentation at the Southern California Association of Non-Profit Housing Annual Conference, October 2004.
Dugger, A.L. (2002). GIS Trainer, “If There is a Strategy, There is a Way: Organizing and Computer-Aided Mapping,” Progressive Technology Project Convening, August 2002.
Dugger, A.L. (2002). “Land Trusts and Geographic Information Systems,” Presentation for the Southern California Land Trust Council, February 2002.
Mertens, M. and A.L. Dugger (2000), Lead Instructors, Conservation Technology Support Program Annual GIS Training, June 2000.
Cain, J.R., A.L. Dugger, D. Fullerton, D. Purkey, D. Sunding, G.A. Thomas (1998). “An Environmentally Optimal Alternative for the Bay-Delta: A Response to the CALFED Program,” Report, October 1998.
Dugger, A.L. (1997). “Linking GIS with the Hydrologic Modeling System: An Investigation of the Midwest Flood of 1993,” Masters Thesis, December 1997.
Olivera, F., A.L. Dugger, D. Maidment, E. Holley (1997). “From GIS to HMS,” Presentation at the CRWR/HEC GIS and Hydrology Workshop, September 1997.


Geographic Information Systems (masters level), TA
Water Quality Analysis (undergraduate level), TA
Fluid Mechanics (undergraduate level), TA


Toyota Motor Sales Fellowship, 2011
Los Alamos National Laboratory Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics (IGPP) Water Security and Climate Change Grant, 2008-2011
Deckers Outdoor Corporation Fellowship, 2008
John Muir Conservation Award for GreenInfo Network (Team Award), 2007
ASCE MLAB Outstanding Public/Private Sector Civil Engineering Project for the Los Angeles County Structural BMP Prioritization Methodology (Team Award), 2006
ESRI Special Achievement Award for GreenInfo Network (Team Award), 2006


Ecological Society of America, member, 2011-current
American Geophysical Union, member, 2009-current
Society for Conservation GIS (SCGIS), 1999-current
Southern California Wetlands Recovery Project, Public Advisory Committee, 2005-2008
Society of Women Engineers, Duke University Chapter President, 1995-1996