Big Canyon Creek Restoration

Big Canyon Creek Restoration Plan


The leading edge of a $5 million restoration project for the Big Canyon Creek area of Newport Bay in Orange County, shop this Phase 1 plan evaluated the potential for restoring tidal influence to the creek, as well as re-establishing natural habitats to the watershed. Big Canyon Creek had been heavily degraded due to human impacts, but remained significant as one of the last remaining natural canyons along the bay – critical both for habitat and its effects on water quality in the bay. The project team of local non-profit organizations, agencies, and technical consultants conducted a detailed base assessment of the current and historical conditions in the canyon, including both hydrologic and ecologic systems. Using the resulting data layers, the team developed a conceptual plan for restoring both the tidal system and native habitat to Big Canyon.


Served as lead GIS manager, with tasks including:

  • GIS data management and coordination,
  • development of data layers specific to the historical hydrology, current flow regime, and existing vegetation and habitat patterns, and
  • spatial interpretation and analysis of the final restoration plan and its feasibility.


Maps illustrating context, geographic and hydrologic, for the Big Canyon area

Various data layers created during the project, including historical hydrology, current topography, and restoration needs Habitat and sensitive species mapping, and the final restoration plan