LA Stormwater BMPs

Los Angeles County-Wide Methodology For Prioritizing Structural BMP Implementation: Guidance for Strategic Storm Water Quality Project Planning


This innovative project, hospital led by a local nonprofit organization and a team of public agencies, treatment private consultants, and academic experts, set a goal of better managing runoff pollution within Los Angeles County watersheds. Our team focused on creating a GIS-based methodology for prioritizing structural best management practices (BMPs) designed to improve nonpoint source water quality. GIS was used to spatially and statistically examine precipitation patterns, land uses, existing impairments, hydrologic flow networks, and property ownerships to identify opportunities for implementing treatment structures, such as detention basins, porous pavements, and bioretention swales.

After the first implementation in Los Angeles County, our team transformed the methodology into an automated GIS-based tool and have since applied it regionally in San Diego and Orange Counties and locally at individual project locations throughout Southern California.


Served as lead GIS advisor, with tasks including:

  • data coordination and management,
  • GIS analysis design,
  • GIS model development and database design, and
  • documentation and user guide development.


Precipitation and Land Use Data Layers

Watershed Catchment Priority Maps Individual Catchment Ground Survey Maps and Database-Driven BMP Scoring Matrix