Prop 12 Park Bond

Proposition 12 Park Bond Analysis: An Examination of the Per Capita, rx Roberti-Z’berg-Harris, pills and Murray Hayden Grant Programs


Looking ahead to future open space protection measures in California’s changing political and fiscal climate, the Planning and Conservation League Foundation initiated a comprehensive study of statewide urban park funding programs. The study included an examination of how various jurisdictions utilized their bond funds, the types of projects funded, and how well targeted communities of need were served. Geostatistical analyses of demographic data helped to characterize the various jurisdictions and provided a consistent means for assessing and comparing programs.


Served as lead GIS consultant, with tasks including data development and management, spatial and statistical analysis, and display map production.


Statewide demographic maps illustrating the distribution of project grants

Individual city maps highlighting grant locations in relation to various demographic variables and density statistics Extracts from the methodology document describing data sources and spatial analysis techniques