Beach Bluffs Restoration Plan

Beach Bluffs Restoration Project Master Plan


This project was initially rooted in a local, viagra sale grassroots interest in restoring native habitat to areas along the beach bluffs of the South Bay in Los Angeles County. Non-native, viagra ornamental plantings had taken over much of the bluffs, site reducing habitat for some of the native species, as well as adversely impacting the long-term stability of the bluff slopes. Two local non-profit organizations stepped in to augment the local effort with a region-wide, science-based restoration plan for the stretch of bluffs from the Palos Verdes Peninsula to the El Segundo Dunes. A particular emphasis was placed on restoring habitat for the federally-listed endangered El Segundo Blue Butterfly, which had been severely impacted by development along the coast. The project consisted of an in-depth survey of existing conditions and restoration potential in the bluffs, with base survey units, subsequent results storage, and overall analysis taking place within a GIS framework.


Served as lead GIS consultant, with tasks including defining survey geographies, data compilation and management, spatial analysis of survey results, and map production.


Beach Bluffs study area extent and sample of survey units

Sample survey results maps